Thursday, February 25, 2010


this cake would be sooo good right about now... louis with chocolate... i just creamed myself.

my obsession with leggings and stockings..i find myself wearing a long shirt (which looks like a short dress on me) and a pair of these bad boys.. and im off to go :D but look at the details its simply a piece art wrapped around your thighs :)

lastly this is one of my favorite product by far. It's called Labcconte. imported from Chilie. It's basically snail cream... yup snail fucking cream.. based on snail slime extract. It heals and repair s your skin and anti aging. I absolutely love it. I use to go tanning a lot back in the days and due to sun damage I had some scars and discoloration. but this brilliant cream/gel duo repaired and strengthen my skin and now I have a healthy glow and soft skin. Not only does it conditions, but it protects your skin throughout the day. so yea.. i wear snail slime on my face how sexy is that ;p



  1. Interested to try labcconte cream and gel...but a lil hesitation dunno if it'll break me out. Would like your note on that if it is also good for sensitive skin.